Two Weeks

Two weeks left of my undergraduate career in studying chemistry.
I can't believe time flew by so fast.

I am very thankful to have met everyone I've met since orientation/day 1 from uni to today, and I am delighted to have grown so close to the 90% of the (class of 2015) graduating chemistry majors + a few others. Lab nights, study sessions till 3am in ChemSci, and the snapchat lectures are worth more to me than the letters that appear on our transcripts.

blouse | Ralph Lauren
skirt | CHLOE CHEN
shoes | Cole Haan
marcie mini satchel bag | ChloƩ
necklace | J. Crew

Yeah, forgot to update with my readers (you guys) about this, but I got a haircut roughly three weeks ago- totally in love and can't fathom how I ever lived with my long(er) hair....and! (warning more materialistic brag ahead) I got the Dior So Real sunnies, so I can't wait to show you guys that sometime soon. 
Anyways, hopefully I'll update you lovely readers again sometime before the end of uni. Happy memorial day weekend. Thank you for sticking around.

As always,
xox Ingrid

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POSHMARK | Shop My Closet

Today I want to introduce POSHMARK application to my dear readers! It's an application that you can download, for free, onto your phone or tablets and use to sell clothes, accessories, or shoes.

I started using POSHMARK, roughly a year ago, to sell a sweater I bought that I didn't want to ship back for return because of the postage fees and what not. The real REAL reason I gave Poshmark a shot was because I was looking for a halter top from Brandy and an Instagram friend referred the app because there were many limited edition Brandy things circulating on Poshmark that people wanted to sell or trade off for another 'limited' Brandy item. Since you can use the credit you earn from sales to buy things I started with trying to make a sale first before buying anything. Selling that one sweater lead to helping my friend sell off some boots and then before I knew it, I started listing more pieces from my closet. And now I run a Poshmark account.

→ To begin, you will need to take a picture of what you want to sell and upload it onto your page. Make sure you have good lighting so your account is pleasing to look at and other users will want to visit your page to see what you have to offer.
→ The application will ask if you'd like to apply a filter to your 'covershot'. Regardless of if you apply a filter or not, this will be the image that is displayed on your main page.
→ Clicking 'next' will take you to a page called "Listing Details" where you can add more photos to show details of your products or your item from another perspective/angle. You can also add details and description to your listing. Then Poshmark requires you to put a category, size, original price, and listing price to your item. At the very bottom of the page, there is a box that says "your earnings, when sold". This tells you the exact amount $ that you will earn after selling. Poshmark does not let you keep 100% of the amount that you made your sale at. They take 20% off of the listed price as their commission (unless the item is under $15, then they just take a flat fee of $2.95 off), and in return Poshmark makes a pre-paid (express) shipping label, free credit card processing, and buyer protection for buyers.
→ List the product and wait for others' interest!

In the mean time you can browse other user's profiles to see what's for sale or how your prices compare to others! (Competitive sales haha).

So this (right image) is an example of what I see on my news feed when I log in. PM_Editors invite users to events, which is a great way to market your items if they fit the appropriate even categories. On the left, is my profile page. I just wanted to show you guys what a user's profile page look like. Some of you might already know of the application because it's been around for quite some time. But I thought it wouldn't hurt to make a detailed post about the app, how to use it, and why I use it.

Anyone can have a Poshmark account, but running and keeping a Posh account requires (a little) work. There are a few things I suggest/ and or/ would make Poshmark a better community for everyone:
1) Be honest and be loyal. Always be honest about what you're selling and don't stretch the truth so that you can make your sale because lying to make that one sales, makes you a dishonest seller, ruins your reputation and any potential/future sales. Not to mention the Posh community is very social, so your reputation does matter if you want to stay in the application.
2) Don't low-ball or overprice your items. Unless you made the item yourself and are looking for a platform to sell your creation, no one wants to buy the top that was in shops last year for twice the price...especially since it's been worn already.
3) Keep your account active as much as possible. Potential customers/buyers might have questions and are interested in your items. If you're never online to answer any questions or offers they might have, you might miss your chance of getting a sale!
4) Be descriptive about your item when listing. Is it a size medium but actually runs larger than expected? Has a button fallen off but you'll include the spare to let the buyer sew it on themselves? Does the zipper work? Is it actually pinker than it appears in the picture? Be descriptive so that buyers know exactly what they're buying. This lessens the chance of any potential disputes or complaints.
5) Accept the fact that Poshmark is a platform that allows users to buy clothes that are usually already worn or used. This way there are no surprises or false expectations.
6) Try to ship items within 1-3 days. If it isn't possible for you to ship items in a timely manner, try to communicate with the buyer and let them know of the situation!
7) Refrain from trading or paying through another application like PayPal. It's tempting because you don't have to lose the 20% commission that Poshmark usually keeps, but most of the time a lot of 'traders' or people you try to deal with, through Paypal, end up being a scam and you lose more than 20%.

Say you make a sale. Congrats! Your first sale. This is what usually happens...
1) Poshmark will email you notifying you your sale. In that email, a shipping label will be included. Just print it out and take your package to the post office.
2) After you ship it, within a few hours to a day Poshmark will send you another email to confirm the shipping.
3) As soon as your buyer receives their package, Posh will send you an email telling you that your sale went through and you get your earning.

So the main reason why I wanted to talk about Poshmark on here is because I use Poshmark as a way to give back to the community and towards organizations and causes I care about. Of course you can just donate to the Salvation Army instead of trying to make money off of used clothing. But I see Poshmark as a way to raise money so I can donate and support different charities.

The foundation I chose and have been supporting is- Orangewood Children Foundation :) I hope that my donation go towards helping someone with their education funds or enriching and better a child's life. (As cliche as this sounds...) Children today are our future, if we help give an opportunity for a child at better/higher education involvement then it's possible that we make the future a better place for everyone! Educating and helping everyone out helps everyone out!!

I hope, after reading this post, everyone has a better idea at how Poshmark works and other purposes Poshmark can be used for. Reduce and recycle clothes by buying secondhand...then donate ALL of your profits to a cause you care about ♥

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xox Ingrid of Style Prosciutto
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