Oscar the Grouch

Now that I'm on this weird semi-student status, commuting back and forth to school, I have time for some other things in life besides research. Not to say that I am totally free from my thesis progression or anything...but it gives me time to retackle some creative projects and get my personal life back.

It does hit me a little hard with the realization that I am going to be leaving this city, my IEEE fam, and my dear friends from research soon. These six years have flown by in a blink of an eye. Just two more months to make the best out of my time here...

I put together this little 90's inspired sheer-top look today, my OOTD.  While I was shopping around in Madrid this past summer, I found this coat that did not swallow me whole, so I lugged this bad boy (which took up ¼ of my suitcase) home and have been cuddled up comfily in this for the past two months. But I didn't think about how the green colour would result in me looking like astro turf, Oscar the Grouch, or Macklemore...haha!

I've also been eyeing the Common Projects Achilles Low for a while now, thank god for persistence of saving up for over a year now. I love how clean it looks and the small serial number detailing on the sides of the shoe.

It's a good day for sheer tops and women empowerment. But I was honestly inspired by kDawg's streaks with sheer tops (link1, link2)... not to mention Bella's latest outing with her see-thru top- adding fuel to the Selena/Abel drama. I definitely got a few uncomfortable glares today with the top, I feel that it's not as socially okay to be so "revealing" with my choice of apparel around my hometown, but I don't think its that appalling anyways.

I would also style this sheer top with the bra on top, a cropped tank over the sheer shirt, or a velvet dress over.

coat | MANGO
dark grey cardigan | American Apparel
sheer top | street vendor
jeans | Topshop
bra | F21
shoes | Common Projects

As always,
xox Ingrid

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