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Dug My Heart | BØRNS (my newest muse)

Hello dear readers.
It's been forever, and so much has changed since I've last posted.
My sincerest apologies.

Within the unexpected 10 month hiatus.....

 I have been doing research full time, learning so many new things, joining new organizations, and taking on projects across the country with my fellow colleagues. Then I applied and got accepted to graduate school, so I am now pursuing an engineering program!
I also broke my annual concerts attendance number; I saw Sufjan Stevens, BØRNS, MUSE perform and have Beach House and Daughter planned.
I went to Scandinavia (confirmed my love for Denmark to be real, authenticated Moomin's existence in Finland, traveled through the fjords of Norway), traveled through southern Japan, explored DC on my own, went to my first technical conference with some of my colleagues, and had my first Vegas trip with friends (lol! I know, finally right?).
I had the pleasure of seeing Maria Kotchekova (and Nat and Skye) dance in the Nutcracker, went to my first Dodgers game, as well as seeing the Lakers play, got my first straight A's in college!!, and finally downloaded Snapchat so I am able to annoy my followers with my excessive brunching and beach outings.
And, I discovered how far real friends are willing to go for you, learned the power of forgiveness, made new friends, and (most importantly) got reacquainted with my best friend. ♥

sleeve-less creme turtleneck top | Bloomingdales
trench coat | Club Monaco
shoes | Cole Haan
pants | Brandy Melville

Check out BØRNS if you need something new to listen to, I am absolutely smitten with him.

Thank you for always staying close and coming back to check up on me and this page.
Life has been full of surprises the past few months and I have to say I am thankful for everything that has happened, good and bad.
It's been a busy year, but I am trying my best to spend some time here again.

As always,
xox Ingrid

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