Thanksgiving '16 | A Holiday Segment

Hello friends! I have been (so) ill for the past three weeks with a different sickness each week. I hope everyone has kept themselves warm and toasty, away from the terrible colds, flus, and whatever mean things out there. Been busy with research, school work, seeing these cute little 1st and 5th graders every week and teaching them about science, college apps, and....a bit of Overwatch ;)

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for the close friends that have stayed in my life throughout these years- helping me get through life and school, my IEEE family- I have not found any other group of students at Uni who motivate me to shoot for the stars and dreams, and my parents for taking care of me when I'm deathly ill (LOL). I'm also thankful for the past 22 months and the experience and opportunity my research group has given me.

sweater | A+F
overalls | Madewell
boots | H&M
hat | WEGO

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?
& where is everyone going for Black Friday? (;

Some holiday links:
-I made a She & Him holiday playlist on Spotify. (My sister reintroduced me to She&Him, totally forgot about their romantic slow goodness)
-Intrigued with these holiday recipes I want to try sometime: apple sage bacon risotto | green bean casserole | potatoes au gratin w/ bacon | sweet potato casserole | winter fruit salad
-date night ideas: The Grove LA (one of my favorite), Disneyland, Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside, Unique LA holiday market, Boat Parade (Marina del Rey, Newport Beach,...etc), LA Zoo Lights, watch the Nutcracker Ballet, or a day in Big Bear/Mammoth

As always,
xox Ingrid

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Back Tues School

Get it? Get it? My Tuesday back to school outfit :D
(I am really bad at making puns if you haven't gotten that already...)

Had a lovely weekend with my lady friends this weekend (fun fact: we've been friends since middle school- minus J, who I met this weekend!) We went apple picking in Julian and hung around San Diego since one of the ladies now moved down there! See more on my Instagram!

It's only the first week back at school and I'm already so overwhelmed! So many things to do I swear my agenda is overfilled with due dates, collaborations, meetings, homework, projects, and other commitments!! AhhHHH.

Super excited for what this fall quarter has to bring me though and semi scared for all the work that I have to finish by January (!!)

Thought I would share this outfit I wore to uni today with you guys.
I combined two loose items together to get a relaxed look, but used casual office/work attire so that the casualness doesn't get downplayed too much. I know I should have finished the outfit with a belt in the middle to create some solidity, but honestly. . . it worked without a belt surprisingly. And of course loafers to complete the look.

cheetah top | Bloomingdales
olive green slacks | Zara
shoes | Cole Haan

I'll be back soon with new content as soon as things calm down a bit...

As always,
xox Ingrid

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Modern Renaissance | A Product Review

HI FRIENDS! I have passed all my preliminary exams (whee! so grateful for my friends that pushed me to study every night), had quite an eventful summer doing research, as well as catching up with friends, and doing some traveling (SF to NYC hollaaa) since the last time I updated here.

Today I will be talking about Anastasia's summer palette that was released in early June...


 This palette is still pretty hard to attain since it's sold out at most Ultas and Sephora near me, both at home, school, and online surprisingly. I was lucky enough to score this at one of the newly opened Ulta's by school... I'm guessing people just gave up looking?

I actually got this as a birthday gift from a really good friend of mine (THANK YOU♥) so I appreciate this very very much. This is not a palette I would normally approach because of the diverse range of colors- I am a creature of comfort as I usually tend to gravitate towards the brown-neutral tones.

This palette explores the range between red and brown, ending up with variations of earthy, vibrant, and bruised reds, as well as orange, and a brown (CYPRUS UMBER) to create depth. The other tones such as TEMPERA, GOLDEN ORCHE, BUON FRESCO, and WARM TAUPE are used for base or blending. Leaving VERMEER and PRIMAVERA for highlighting or patting onto the center of the lids to create dimension.

I've done a swatch (or two) below. Forgive me in advance for such a bad swatch job, I'm usually not a makeup artist (ha-ha), nor am I really good at makeup in general. But I suppose these lighter and less saturated swatches give you a more realistic feel- compared to the swatches that are about a gazillion layers and super saturated and only realistic if you're putting the shadows on stage-makeup style (no offense, my opinion I suppose)

I think my top 3 favorite shades are BUON FRESCO, VENETIAN RED, and ANTIQUE BRONZE.

I really really like this palette. I feel that Claudia and Anastasia did a really good job with picking the shades and the texture of the shadows. I definitely won't say that the shadows are wet and sticky, but they are so soft and dense that they do remind me almost of... a powdery clay texture. It's on the moist side and not as powdery dry as most common shadows. The shadows are quite pigmented on their own, the swatches I did were about 3 layers/strokes and without primer (wow!). In particular, I think the shades VENETIAN RED, LOVE LETTER, and REALGAR are really unique and I have not seen many dupes like these, but perhaps I'm just not very familiar with the shades of shadows out there.

Anyways, if you have the budge and interest in this palette, I recommend you snatch one when you can! These velvety shadows are not to disappoint :)

As always,
xox Ingrid

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Tender Romance | A Product Review

Good morning! Today I will be reviewing Ralph Lauren's Tender Romance Parfume that Influenster has generously provided for me. I believe this parfume was released in February of 2016.

The parfume arrived in the post contained in this rather square-ish box filled with tissue paper.

The bottle is rectangular and glass. It's name branded onto the front of the bottle with a simple silver-trimmed sticker, as well as around the lid of the fragrance. Pretty self explanatory.

On opening the fragrance for wear, the parfume has a very bold sweet scent. A little bit "musky magnolia-meets-cotton candy" mixed with a sensual ginger vanilla. The sweetness to the parfume kind of has me thinking very feminine but youthful.

I learned from a sales associate in a Sephora in Paris that if you crush the perfume between your wrist, it does change the chemistry of the fragrance and alters the scent a little (personal experience proven through trials with Chanel's Chance!!). So I did do a little testing with this parfume, and it didn't seem to change too much on my skin. (Parfumes also vary from person to person).

I actually enjoy this parfume a lot, it reminds me of NOIR Tease from Victoria's Secret (which I previously used) but less mature. NOIR Tease was more sultry whereas Tender Romance is more pink cashmere cuddle. I have been wearing it almost everyday since I got it, so thank you Influenster!! The only con I would say about this fragrance is that the lasting power is not very long. Look into this parfume if you are interested in fragrances that have sweet, warm cashmere vanilla, jasmine, musky notes.

Again, I want to thank Influenster for providing this fragrance so that I could review it on Style Prosciutto! ♥

As always,
xox Ingrid
PS. As promised, King K is back with a restock today (4/11/16) at 1pm PST ;)

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Posie K | A Product Review

Hope March treated everyone well. Today I will be talking about the popular lip-kits that Kylie Jenner has been selling online recently (or for a few months already).

So Kylie created a line of liquid matte lipsticks that are heavily influenced by her style and taste. Kylie loves wearing matte lippies- particularly in nude, pink-nude, and brown shades. Therefore, this line was created by her for her fans.

The kit is sold online on her website and tend to sell out within 5-10 minutes, depending on the shade. They are extremely popular, and the last restock actually crashed Google Analytics because so many people were trying to buy them.

The line (so far) comes in a few shades:
Dolce K - brownish nude
Posie K - pink w/ purple hint
Kourt K - vampy purple
Koko K - light pink nude
Candy K - pinkish nude (like Koko K but not so 'pale')
True Brown K - brown
Mary Jo K - red (cool tint)
22 - orangey/red

Because I was hesitant at first, I bought only one lip kit on my first purchase with KylieCosmetics. However, I totally regret that now because I spent $8 on shipping for one lip kit when I could've bought more kit's for that shipping worth. But now I know!

So when you order a or many lip kits, the factory will try to put as many kits as they can into one of these KylieCosmetics box. If you ordered just one like me, they'll fill the space up with a plushy-foam piece to protect your box. Otherwise, I see other customers who bought multiple packages get all their orders in one box.

Kylie includes a surprise note, that changes every few months, in your order as well.

I picked Posie K as my first color to try out. It was a safer go-to because I have slightly tanned skin with a warm base. The lighter shades (dolce k, koko k, candy k) seemed to be too light for my complexion. And I felt like the brown shade (true brown k) would either blend in or be too dark for me. Kourt K (the vampy purple shade) was not released yet when I bought this lip kit. I already have many lip products in red-shades, so 22 or Mary Jo K did not grab my attention too much.

So the lip kit comes with two things- a lip liner and a liquid matte lipstick. This kit costs $29 a pack, but with shipping and tax it came out to be around $40 which was an average of $20 an item. Kind of pricey but at the same time fair compared to all the other products out there in the market.

For those of you that aren't familiar, a liquid matte lipstick looks like a lipgloss. However the consistency of this product (specifically KylieCosmetic's) is very runny (as opposed to viscous like lipgloss) and applies fairly easily. Then after a few minutes the product dries up and stays on your lips like a thin-layer of matte lipstick.
Normally, you would line your lips with the lip liner, then fill the rest of your lips in with lipstick. However, the product dries your lips out (hence matte) so I would advise everyone to apply some vaseline or lip balm before application of the lip kit.
Another thing I've noticed is that other users were filling in their entire lips (as oppose to lining the edge of your lips) with the lipliner before applying the liquid lipstick on their lips. This actually helps make the color look fuller and bolder.

I know the swatch and this picture might not be "accurate" enough because it is a still image under good lighting. (I'm also wearing the color here in this Instagram selfie) I'll be releasing a vlog soon, where I'm actually wearing the lippie, maybe that will be of good help.

Overall, I love this product a LOT and I want to get another shade. I would also not mind restocking on Posie K ;) The only bad thing about the lip kits are the slightly expensive shipping rates (though they do ship within 1-3 days after processed orders) and that the matte-characteristic of the lip product dries your lips out like crazy and creates creasing and such if you don't use vaseline/lip-balm beforehand.

KylieCosmetics also released a gloss line last week, so I'm looking to purchasing one of those lip glosses. However, the bummer part is that she never restocks glosses and mattes together so I can't save on the shipping.

As always,
xox Ingrid
PS. Word is she's restocking the mattes today (4/5/16) at 4pm PST ;)
PPS. Keep checking back because I'll do a fragrance review soon!!

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White Washed

Dug My Heart | BØRNS (my newest muse)

Hello dear readers.
It's been forever, and so much has changed since I've last posted.
My sincerest apologies.

Within the unexpected 10 month hiatus.....

 I have been doing research full time, learning so many new things, joining new organizations, and taking on projects across the country with my fellow colleagues. Then I applied and got accepted to graduate school, so I am now pursuing an engineering program!
I also broke my annual concerts attendance number; I saw Sufjan Stevens, BØRNS, MUSE perform and have Beach House and Daughter planned.
I went to Scandinavia (confirmed my love for Denmark to be real, authenticated Moomin's existence in Finland, traveled through the fjords of Norway), traveled through southern Japan, explored DC on my own, went to my first technical conference with some of my colleagues, and had my first Vegas trip with friends (lol! I know, finally right?).
I had the pleasure of seeing Maria Kotchekova (and Nat and Skye) dance in the Nutcracker, went to my first Dodgers game, as well as seeing the Lakers play, got my first straight A's in college!!, and finally downloaded Snapchat so I am able to annoy my followers with my excessive brunching and beach outings.
And, I discovered how far real friends are willing to go for you, learned the power of forgiveness, made new friends, and (most importantly) got reacquainted with my best friend. ♥

sleeve-less creme turtleneck top | Bloomingdales
trench coat | Club Monaco
shoes | Cole Haan
pants | Brandy Melville

Check out BØRNS if you need something new to listen to, I am absolutely smitten with him.

Thank you for always staying close and coming back to check up on me and this page.
Life has been full of surprises the past few months and I have to say I am thankful for everything that has happened, good and bad.
It's been a busy year, but I am trying my best to spend some time here again.

As always,
xox Ingrid

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