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Hope March treated everyone well. Today I will be talking about the popular lip-kits that Kylie Jenner has been selling online recently (or for a few months already).

So Kylie created a line of liquid matte lipsticks that are heavily influenced by her style and taste. Kylie loves wearing matte lippies- particularly in nude, pink-nude, and brown shades. Therefore, this line was created by her for her fans.

The kit is sold online on her website and tend to sell out within 5-10 minutes, depending on the shade. They are extremely popular, and the last restock actually crashed Google Analytics because so many people were trying to buy them.

The line (so far) comes in a few shades:
Dolce K - brownish nude
Posie K - pink w/ purple hint
Kourt K - vampy purple
Koko K - light pink nude
Candy K - pinkish nude (like Koko K but not so 'pale')
True Brown K - brown
Mary Jo K - red (cool tint)
22 - orangey/red

Because I was hesitant at first, I bought only one lip kit on my first purchase with KylieCosmetics. However, I totally regret that now because I spent $8 on shipping for one lip kit when I could've bought more kit's for that shipping worth. But now I know!

So when you order a or many lip kits, the factory will try to put as many kits as they can into one of these KylieCosmetics box. If you ordered just one like me, they'll fill the space up with a plushy-foam piece to protect your box. Otherwise, I see other customers who bought multiple packages get all their orders in one box.

Kylie includes a surprise note, that changes every few months, in your order as well.

I picked Posie K as my first color to try out. It was a safer go-to because I have slightly tanned skin with a warm base. The lighter shades (dolce k, koko k, candy k) seemed to be too light for my complexion. And I felt like the brown shade (true brown k) would either blend in or be too dark for me. Kourt K (the vampy purple shade) was not released yet when I bought this lip kit. I already have many lip products in red-shades, so 22 or Mary Jo K did not grab my attention too much.

So the lip kit comes with two things- a lip liner and a liquid matte lipstick. This kit costs $29 a pack, but with shipping and tax it came out to be around $40 which was an average of $20 an item. Kind of pricey but at the same time fair compared to all the other products out there in the market.

For those of you that aren't familiar, a liquid matte lipstick looks like a lipgloss. However the consistency of this product (specifically KylieCosmetic's) is very runny (as opposed to viscous like lipgloss) and applies fairly easily. Then after a few minutes the product dries up and stays on your lips like a thin-layer of matte lipstick.
Normally, you would line your lips with the lip liner, then fill the rest of your lips in with lipstick. However, the product dries your lips out (hence matte) so I would advise everyone to apply some vaseline or lip balm before application of the lip kit.
Another thing I've noticed is that other users were filling in their entire lips (as oppose to lining the edge of your lips) with the lipliner before applying the liquid lipstick on their lips. This actually helps make the color look fuller and bolder.

I know the swatch and this picture might not be "accurate" enough because it is a still image under good lighting. (I'm also wearing the color here in this Instagram selfie) I'll be releasing a vlog soon, where I'm actually wearing the lippie, maybe that will be of good help.

Overall, I love this product a LOT and I want to get another shade. I would also not mind restocking on Posie K ;) The only bad thing about the lip kits are the slightly expensive shipping rates (though they do ship within 1-3 days after processed orders) and that the matte-characteristic of the lip product dries your lips out like crazy and creates creasing and such if you don't use vaseline/lip-balm beforehand.

KylieCosmetics also released a gloss line last week, so I'm looking to purchasing one of those lip glosses. However, the bummer part is that she never restocks glosses and mattes together so I can't save on the shipping.

As always,
xox Ingrid
PS. Word is she's restocking the mattes today (4/5/16) at 4pm PST ;)
PPS. Keep checking back because I'll do a fragrance review soon!!

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