Tender Romance | A Product Review

Good morning! Today I will be reviewing Ralph Lauren's Tender Romance Parfume that Influenster has generously provided for me. I believe this parfume was released in February of 2016.

The parfume arrived in the post contained in this rather square-ish box filled with tissue paper.

The bottle is rectangular and glass. It's name branded onto the front of the bottle with a simple silver-trimmed sticker, as well as around the lid of the fragrance. Pretty self explanatory.

On opening the fragrance for wear, the parfume has a very bold sweet scent. A little bit "musky magnolia-meets-cotton candy" mixed with a sensual ginger vanilla. The sweetness to the parfume kind of has me thinking very feminine but youthful.

I learned from a sales associate in a Sephora in Paris that if you crush the perfume between your wrist, it does change the chemistry of the fragrance and alters the scent a little (personal experience proven through trials with Chanel's Chance!!). So I did do a little testing with this parfume, and it didn't seem to change too much on my skin. (Parfumes also vary from person to person).

I actually enjoy this parfume a lot, it reminds me of NOIR Tease from Victoria's Secret (which I previously used) but less mature. NOIR Tease was more sultry whereas Tender Romance is more pink cashmere cuddle. I have been wearing it almost everyday since I got it, so thank you Influenster!! The only con I would say about this fragrance is that the lasting power is not very long. Look into this parfume if you are interested in fragrances that have sweet, warm cashmere vanilla, jasmine, musky notes.

Again, I want to thank Influenster for providing this fragrance so that I could review it on Style Prosciutto! ♥

As always,
xox Ingrid
PS. As promised, King K is back with a restock today (4/11/16) at 1pm PST ;)

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