Spring Break Breeze

Hi my dear readers, so sorry for putting this blog on semi hiatus, and making everyone antsy for new posts as I was trying to finish through winter quarter of school. Now that I'm finished.....

It's already day 2 of spring break and time is ticking away till the I have to return to quantum chemistry. Just the thought of that makes me cringe a little. All the math... Let's not talk about that.

So I have a list planned for this break, and hopefully I can get through most of the things I planned to do. So far I went shopping on one of the days, and watched Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was really really good, at a local and darn-cutest little theater. But that might be totally biased, because I adore all of Anderson's films.

Today was a good Monday. I got to go to Whole Foods to get my weekly veggie combo juice, except they ran out of spinach today so I substituted it with beet. (If you are curious my normal raw pressed "greens juice" combo consists of spinachcucumberparsleykale, & apple).

I can't wait for tomorrow to come, 
LA is next on my spring break list!

Perforated Blouse | Comptoir des Cotonniers
Patterened A-Line Skirt | C H L O E C H E N
White Handle Bag | Kate Spade
Strapped Leather Sandals | Madewell
Aviators | H&M

What's on your spring break list?

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