Spring Break Breeze

Hi my dear readers, so sorry for putting this blog on semi hiatus, and making everyone antsy for new posts as I was trying to finish through winter quarter of school. Now that I'm finished.....

It's already day 2 of spring break and time is ticking away till the I have to return to quantum chemistry. Just the thought of that makes me cringe a little. All the math... Let's not talk about that.

So I have a list planned for this break, and hopefully I can get through most of the things I planned to do. So far I went shopping on one of the days, and watched Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was really really good, at a local and darn-cutest little theater. But that might be totally biased, because I adore all of Anderson's films.

Today was a good Monday. I got to go to Whole Foods to get my weekly veggie combo juice, except they ran out of spinach today so I substituted it with beet. (If you are curious my normal raw pressed "greens juice" combo consists of spinachcucumberparsleykale, & apple).

I can't wait for tomorrow to come, 
LA is next on my spring break list!

Perforated Blouse | Comptoir des Cotonniers
Patterened A-Line Skirt | C H L O E C H E N
White Handle Bag | Kate Spade
Strapped Leather Sandals | Madewell
Aviators | H&M

What's on your spring break list?

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  1. A skirt with secret pockets?! LOVE that!

    This outfit it very cute. I would totally wear it!


    1. Seppy you're too sweet. Thank you :)

      xo i

  2. I love your skirt & your bag is super cute. I will be doing a swatch of Cute As A Button on an upcoming post for you!


    1. Thank you Kierra :)
      And I will be looking out for that!!!

      xo i

  3. This is so cute, you look great! Love the bag! Thanks for stopping by my blog, looking forward to your kimono post!
    Eli from The Green Raybans


    1. Thanks Eli!
      Hopefully the kimono post will be up soon. I've been so overwhelmed by school work lately ahha :(

      xo i