Classic Wardrobe Pieces

A few staple items that will never go wrong in your closet. Or that are worth investing in.

Girly and elegant, you can't go wrong with a classic ballet flat. They're appropriate for all occasions, you can dress them up or down.

Breton Top
The Breton striped top has it's ways with falling in a good medium between chic and versatile. Maybe it's the simplicity of these tops, or the elegant boat neckline, but every time I go shopping and I see one of these I always want to buy more! Overall, wearing one of these striped tops on a nice sunny day makes me feel like I'm in southern France relaxing on a boat B)

Chino (styled) Pants
It's not uncommon to see a lot of guys wear chino pants as a medium between casual and somewhat 'more dressy'. But what about girls? I think a lot of girls shy from chino pants because they are uncertain as to how to style them or they just don't think it is flattering for their body type...which I can relate with because that is how I felt at first, but after putting on a casual loose-fit white tank top or an oxford top, belt, a statement necklace piece (optional), and slip into a pair of gladiator sandal flats (or if preferred- simple heels), I told myself to relax, because these chinos are supposed to give me the "boyish-off duty-casual" look.

Black ¾-Sleeved Top
Well, I couldn't find a good picture to display what I wanted to talk about, but in words- a loose fit ¾ sleeved black top. There's not much to say about them besides that they're my go-to on busy days. A life saver top basically. Plus it's black, comfy, and chic.

Skinny Denim
Even though some people prefer skirts or leggings, but I've never met a person that didn't think denim pants weren't a staple item. I mean look at Olivia sport those jeans. Yeah! Woohoo! (Sorry I love Miss Palermo, I think she is the absolute definition of chic and beautiful! ♥ ...let's just say she's my style muse)

Black Cigarette Pants
Whether they're cotton, or denim, I think that black cigarette bottoms are staples that would do justice in times of formal gatherings or just a casual outing.

Blazers are a little tricky because there are so many colors, and styles (long vs short, or fitted vs loose).

Oxford shirt/Button Up Blouse
Think J. Crew and prep...but it doesn't always have to be. Solid colors, patterned, and florals, from cotton, denim, chambray, to silk....Oxford shirts or 'button up' shirts are quite versatile in the way how one shirt can basically do-it-all. It could be casual- paired with boyfriend or skinny jeans. Or you could pair it with skinny jeans or leather pants, unbutton and half tuck the bottom in. Or you could style it with a skirt for an elegant look. Or if you prefer- wear the oxford under a cable knit sweater for the New England prep look.

Tote Bag
A Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 or a Prada Luxe Tote to the classic Longchamp's Le Pliage. I'm thinking two types of bags when I say tote- between a doctor's bag and an actual tote bag. Either way I think every women needs a little doctor's/duffle bag (Speedy 30 related) for it's compactness and durable structure, or a tailored tote bag (Lux / le Pliage related) as a 'collector' for our clutter in "I'm late!" moments.
by the way- I think the Le Pliage is a great investment because it's a good school bag and a good tote bag in general for outings.

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I hope that you enjoyed this post on what I thought to be some good wardrobe pieces that you could invest in. I might have missed a few items, and I'll probably add it to another post later on.
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  1. Hi sweety!!!

    Loving your looks, do you want to hype 10 of each others latest looks :-)?

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  2. gorgeous! i love this post, you have such great taste. I would wear any of these outfits, they're all amazing!

    1. Thank you Melissa! And thank you for stopping by! ♥