Ski Getaway

Winter break is coming to an end, so over the past week(end), I was up in Utah with family and friends on our annual post-Christmas ski trip.

Last year there was a huge snowfall day on one of the days we skied, and it was painfully cold. It snowed on our faces and onto our ski goggles while we skied- I'm not sure if that is cool or horrible. This year, was not as cold, which unfortunately made the slopes icier than usual, and hard to ski/board on. None of the dry powdery fresh Utah snow that I look forward to every year ): but I guess on the plus side, I didn't need to layer up as much.
I heard it was 72° in Southern California on Christmas day too this year ):

Jacket | Oakley
Pants (designed for boarding) | Roxy
PJ Pants (not pictured, under boarding pants) | Gap
blue Heat Tech Thermals (under) & pink Fleece (above) | UNIQLO
Cable Knit Sweater | LOFT
Goggles | Roxy
Beanie | F21 

Whenever I go skiing, I don't like to wear a lot of makeup because there's no point in doing so because of goggles. I did put on a coat of mascara though, and some lipstick (which I later regret doing because I decided to put on a face mask.) The most important thing is to style your hair. In these photos I decided to curl my hair with a 2" iron barrel, and wear a beanie to keep everything in place. Another cute look would be braids to avoid crazy hair, or (on my second day of skiing / unpictured/ I wore...) a pony tail to keep it all together and a fleece head band to keep your head warm.

With the weather conditions being so dry in the mountains, always remember to bring a good face cr ème and/or body moisturizer. OH! And I hope everyone never makes the same mistake that I made on this trip to forget sun protection/ sunscreen!!! Oh my geebies, thank goodness I zipped my jacket up all the way, and hid my face in my jacket, and the upper half of my face shielded by my goggles, because for about 20 minutes I had a 'half face' tan and my friend told me it looked like I had a beard and had just shaved!! D: How horrible would that be if it had stayed longer than 20 minutes.

I hope everyone had a fun and eventful Christmas break.

Have you guys been out during a snowfall or (even more intense), a snow storm? How about skiing/snowboarding during a huge snowfall? How was it and what happened? Tell me your stories in the comment section below! Or share where you've been skiing/snowboarding before! xox

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  1. We love to ski in Utah. They do get the best snow.

    1. Dear Jodi,

      Thank you for taking the time to view my blog, much appreciated!
      And yes! Utah has the finest dry powder snow :)

      xox I

  2. Gorgeous photos! I used to go snowboarding and skiing a lot but I haven't had the chance to this year yet. Hopefully I will get to make it to the mountains soon! Ps. Your all white snow outfit is so cute!

    1. Oh jeez! I never saw this comment!! Much apologies. But thank you for your compliment. I hope you went up to the mountains already, it's already getting warm in Southern California again :(