Bouclé or Tweed | A Personal Take on Holiday Styling

Lately, I have been very obsessed with jackets that reminisce Chanel's, mainly created from a blend of tweed & bouclé and mingled with multiple shades or colours.
I found a woven sweater the other day. One of it's features that drew me to it, was it's beautiful neckline shape. The beautiful cotton and wool blend feels absolutely warm and cozy enough to keep a lady warm whilst shopping or any other outing. But the fabric isn't too thick, so it does not restrict your choice of top under the jacket. With two different threads and four colors: black, white, light grey, and dark grey, the weave mimics a bouclé like pattern. But because of the lack of bouclé's 'loose threads', the fabric also reminisces of tweed. Either way, I like it.


I coordinated this look with a cranberry red lace top, detailed with scalloped sleeves and bottom, plus a keyhole back joined with ribbons (unpictured) at the back top. I thought that cranberry red is a perfect colour that is suitable on any piece of clothing, accessory, or bag near the winter holiday season and or Christmas time. The top is also casual enough to wear during the day, but enough to be able to pull off a semi-formal look when needed to.
I then caped the jacket over, slipped on a pair of black flats, adorned with obnoxious jewels and bells, and grabbed my vintage Dior shoulder bag which I use as a clutch.

Overall, I think this is a great holiday look for casual lunch-outings, or shopping trips.

Jacket | Loft
Top | Loft
Bodycon skirt | no brand
Flats | Jessica Simpson
Bag | Dior Vintage

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  1. I want your legs ! I love your style and that sweater is really nice ! <3

    1. Hahahah aww thank you Klaudia :)
      ♥ ♥ ♥