Sparkle and Fade | A Personal Take on Holiday Styling

Happy Christmas Eve dearest readers. I have been caught up with work recently, plus I caught a cold from going out shopping way too much (guilty as charged!). All the congregation at shopping centers definitely increases passing germs and getting sick during the holiday seasons. Hopefully everyone else is alright, or if not- then recovering from those horrible bacteria/viruses.

Tomorrow is Christmas, and I know I have not been good with making holiday styling posts, so I thought I would post a casual outfit. Not much going on, but I'll try to post another outfit soon.

Nothing is ever as festive as embellished tops during the winter holidays, especially when it is adorned and sprinkled across this simple and chic striped top. To keep me warm, I wore a short navy trench jacket with cinch-ing across the waistline to give a shape to our appearance.

If you noticed, I did pull the sleeve through the coat to create contrast. Normally it makes you look a little fisherman-like, but in this case the white sleeve helps balance the dark color of the jacket. And of course, the little hood on the top makes it look rainy-day resistant, so I could also wear this out on a cold day with some rain boots and perhaps a circle scarf.
It is a simple look, but you could accessorize it up and down with bracelets, bright red lip stick and what not since there isn't much attention grabbing pieces in the outfit to begin with.

I hope everyone has been enjoying their week so far. I'll take a guess that everyone's been shopping- hopefully not too violently. And I hope everyone has a lovely rest of the evening tonight.

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