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No really. I would blog entirely in caps if I could but that would be very annoying. Dearest LDR was a choice of topic for one of my posts on this blog, but I decided not to write about her initially because I get a lot of negative feedback on LDR in general, (people saying they don't like her, don't like what she sings about, etc..) and since you guys are the people reading, I just thought that there was no point in writing about her if no one wants to hear about her. But I cannot hold my love for her in anymore.
Lana del Rey is extremely captivating (to me at least) as a person- style wise, beauty, and work. She is gorgeous and I adore and relate to a lot of the things she sings about. Fell in love first listen two years ago in 2011. I can either relate first handedly or on another level, which I don't want to discuss here. ANYWAYS... as all the LDR lovers out there know...Tropico, a short film by her on her influences, was released tonight at the Arclight in Hollywood. Unfortunately due to finals and midterms coming up in two days, I was not able to attend the showing. However, I am very excited to see it online when it is released.

So seductive, bad-ass, and youthful.

The trailer for Tropico.

(All images and video belong to Lana del Rey)

also....I heard she is releasing a new album- "Ultra Violence", debuting in 2014 :)
(see below!)

"Most of my friends are dead - and many of them I have never met before. In my private life, I live quietly, and with all the choice of living at hand, I prefer to bask in the legend of people I’ve only heard about. To me - they are as real as the people sitting in this theater. I learned from Charles Haanel, through his experimentations with imagination that through actively honoring the memories of your choice historical figures, and in consulting with them as though they were real, you are eventually able to receive true guidance from them as though they were really here. True, it is a strange way to live - but it is magic, and I’ve found my magical thinking has lead to miraculous results. So, this video is my homage to the legends I’ve learned from as well as a nod to my colorful past. I hope you like it. It was the best I could do with my limited ability to translate my inner visions into pictures. On that note, I’d like to thank everything who made that possible!
-Lana Del Rey;  
on the flyer that was handed out to guests at her Tropico premiere 
in Hollywood, CA

ps. I know this isn't a style post but I will do one on LDR in the future!

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