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My aunt and uncle decided to have lunch with my family and me at Marché Modern today. Marché Modern is a french bistro on the penthouse floor of South Coast Plaza that changes up their menu throughout the year. Being the francophile I am, I was very excited to hear that we would have our lunch at the french restaurant I always wished to visit (since I'm always shopping post lunch).

This isn't a big deal, but I was very engrossed with how thin our water glasses were. Weirdly, I enjoyed them very much, since it gave a much more delicate take on 'water drinking'. heh.

Most everyone ordered from their spontané menu, featuring three courses. The salad was very delicate, and had a slice of prosciuto sitting atop the beautiful green hill.

For second course, there was pork tenderloin, or shrimp (second photo).
The tenderloin was lightly breaded and roasted, accompanied by haricot vert. The borderlaise jus below the beans and meat was slightly sweet but mostly salty. Borderlaise jus is a wine sauce.

I, myself, had Amelia's Chopped Salad. Extremely refreshing (thanks to the mint and cucumber), light (thanks to the avocados), and still filling. I did request to add some butter sautéed shrimp onto my salad.

My uncle also did not order from the prix fixe menu, so he had coq au vin... "chicken in wine".
He said the dish had a very asian flavor to it. Perhaps the only difference between MM's coq au vin and the asian take on it anise? (MM's did not have star anise).

For dessert, the spontané menu order-ers received a warm valrhona chocolate and truffle cake. I thought the cake could be a tad softer, but it's lovely brown sugar flavor swept me off my feet.

Overall, the restaurant did a good job with presentation and taste. Their portions are more on the small side so they do represent "French cuisine". I didn't think the food played "rich yet light" enough to be compared to the food I had in Paris, but it's still better than most that I've had in California... (NYC is another story...♥). I would come back another day, perhaps with my girlfriends? Or whilst on a shopping date?

Until next time! xox

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