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Deep in my heart, I have always wanted to visit Bergdorf Goodman when I am in NYC.  Every single time though, by the time I shop my way from the bottom of 5th to up to towards Central Park, I'm already exhausted, and the day has basically come to an end (aka DINNER TIME! need food!!), so it's always been a sad "next time" to Bergdorf.
If you ask me what my favorite department store is, I can safely assure you that I frequent Bloomingdales. I also sadly have never been inside of the Bloomingdales flagship on Lexington (3rd) & 59th , just passed it on my way to Dylan's Candy Bar (heheh) across the street. Bloomingdales and their checkered black white glossy floors, so chic.
ANYWAYS...cutting to my point, three/?four? days ago, I saw via Twitter that Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales were live tweeting their 2013 holiday windows unveiling!

(img source: bergdorf's blog)
Bergdorf's theme this year is "Holidays On Ice" where they had acrobats "catapulted from the store’s fourth floor..." (source) and perform off the building walls.

(img source: bergdorf's blog)

Meanwhile, up two streets at 59th, Bloomingdales kicked off their event with a live performance from Josh Groban, followed by the unveiling of their holiday windows "...featuring seven different vignettes inspired by lyrics from classic holiday tunes included on Harry for the Holidays..." (source).

(all 3 img sources:Racked NY)

Ahh! So beautiful. I have to say Bloomingdale's is my favorite because it's cuter, but Bergdorf's definitely win for being more beautiful and elegant. It definitely is beginning to feel like the holidays! Wish I was in NYC.... Which department store is your favorite?

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