geometric | a personal take on holiday styling

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and most of us are probably going to celebrate with family, or with friends, and if not then I'm sure you can still have a blast by yourself jamming to Christmas tunes prematurely or scheming out your black friday strategies. For those going to family/friend holiday gatherings, or even if you aren't doing anything and just want to for fun, I put together a holiday look for holiday events.

I am wearing a medium-length white peplum dress top that has strands of glitter thread running through it and two rows of pearls lining the neckline. I thought the sparkles and pearls go really well with the holiday season as it gives a very winter-esque/snow-esque vibe to the outfit. I style the top with a neutral, leather belt to accentuate my waistline. And because it's going to be cold outside, we can't forget to wear leggings underneath! (Also because the top might be too short.) I chose a cranberry red one.

Because it is the holidays, I caped this white coat deciding that this thick geometric-patterned white coat would best suit the peplum dress.

(Doesn't the coat remind you of something the White Witch (from Narnia) would wear? Or maybe she just wears fur...)

To top the look off, I applied Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine in #61 Bonheur. The shade of the lipstick is actually not as light as seen in the picture, it is actually darker and has a bit of a grape tinge to it in real life and in sunlight/indoor lighting. I sadly did not include any shoes in this style, but I would definitely pair it with chelsea boots, or any low cut ankle boots. A pair of black normal flats or smoking flats would also do as well.
I do apologize for the low iPhone quality photos in this post. But I hope to improve that in the future, or minimize using my iPhone (okay maybe that won't happen as much as I hope it would be, but I do apologize). Anyways, stay tuned for more holiday outfits to come!!
Please comment below for suggestions, or requests on what you would like to see on my future blog posts! Thank you!


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