Winter 2013 beauty trends

1) bold brows
Yes, Camilla Belle sport it best originally, before Cara Delevingne was all the hype.

(img source: web)
Suggestions on which products? I haven't personally tried any of these, but from ratings I've read, I'd fill it in with Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil and spooly duo, or if you prefer powder, ELF makes a good brow kit.

2) wine red lips

(img source: tumblr)
For the berry stained, petal kissed lips, berry-purple-red might just be in this season. For that just kissed look, natural, slightly dark, and on the matte side- I've been looking into MAC's matte lipstick in diva and MAC's frosted sheen lipstick in rebel. Rebel seems more purple based where as diva is more red. (If you want a not-as expensive dupe, Wet&Wild's cherry bomb is an excellent dupe for diva!) If lipsticks aren't "your thang" and you prefer lipstains, then I recommend Clinique's Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Grandest Grape.

3. kohl liner

(img source: tumblr, deviantart (below))
Bust out those kohl liners again, navy blue, camo green, or even charcoal black, because 90's grunge is back again. I've been waiting F O R E V E R! for this trend to come back because personally it's a my favorite. It's Margot Tenenbaum meets teenage school girl in G.B. I was so excited when I started seeing Topshop and Zara starting bringing tartan, dark sweaters, and heavy boots back into the picture. When Office started their overly abundant supply of cut out chunky black boots, I knew this end of street-style fashion hit jackpot again! Every ad shot around a British themed location ugh! So perf! Clap your hands together for punk rock, grey gloomy weather, and cobble stone streets. Hurrah for black/red clothes, tight leather pants, and over abundance of zippers! Someone spin some Arctic Monkeys for me cause I'm going out dancing with my doc martens on tonight!
I will be posting later on when I have time on holiday makeup and winter style. Thanks for reading!

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